Yolanda Liman is the owner of Drawing it Out. Her mission is to bring clarity to complex discussions through the power of visual thinking.

With a background in science and arts , she has brought this highly effective approach to a variety of corporate, institutional, and not-for-profit organizations. After spending nearly a decade working in the field of environmental science and educational research, Yolanda has been honoured to have worked with so many different people, including health professionals, Aboriginal communities, educators, academics and the public.

This has taught her a lot about group dynamics and facilitation, but what she’s enjoyed the most is listening for key ideas and concepts as they developed out of rich but complex conversations.  After meeting and training with Avril Orloff, Yolanda was hooked on the idea of drawing to enhance communication.  

The results are highly engaged participants with a strong understanding of their common purpose – all captured in a rich, visual summary of the ideas, actions and outcomes of the day.